May 27, 2010

meow meow

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ISBN 9780811869539

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David Choe — This dynamic monograph captures the frenetic raw energy and gorgeous, intense work of gallery and street artist David Choe. From dropping out of art school to a stint in Japanese prison to representation by the Lazarides Gallery alongside Banksy, Choe’s wild ride through the art world is represented by a major selection of images, and narrated throughout by Choe himself. Graffiti, murals, paintings, sketchbook pages, photographs, toys, t-shirts, collages, artwork created with blood, and more fill the kinetic pages—all annotated by the artist in a voice that matches the funny, frantic, daredevil nature of the work itself.
David Choe’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the world, including Jonathan Levine in New York and the Lazarides gallery in London. He lives in Los Angeles.

May 26, 2010

ace in the hole

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good morning

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May 25, 2010


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ISBN-13: 978-1576875391

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Skateboarding in New York City is a singular experience. It is impossible not to feel the magnitude of the landscape, and with the city in constant motion, skateboarding is both exhilarating and extremely dangerous. There is no right or wrong way to navigate this vast terrain. Only one thing is certain—the skaters and images produced in New York City are wholly unique.

The shots in Full Bleed span 30 years, with contributions from over 40 photographers. This is the first-ever comprehensive overview of the one of the most diverse and rich skating locations in the world, bringing together legendary skaters and iconic photographers.

interview here

paint by numbers

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pick your poison

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